Agile Organizations Training in English

Learn the building blocks of organizational agility

Are you looking to take agility beyond the team level and transform your department or organization? One of the key success factors in this change journey is understanding the different building blocks of an Agile organization, how they combine, and what are the trade-offs.

This knowledge enables organizational leaders and change agents to move beyond Agile scaling frameworks and rigid transformation plans, and instead take ownership of the journey that is their Agile Transformation.

Built for people leading Agile transformations

The Agile Organizations training is designed for:

  • Agile Leaders looking to redesign their department or organization

  • Transformation Leads  responsible for  taking Agile to the next level in their organizations

  • Change Agents guiding organizations to take ownership of their Agile change initiatives

The tools and concepts you take away from this training will be directly applicable to your role, while better preparing you for the challenges ahead.

Hands-on, case-based, and pragmatic training

 During this training, we will cover: 

  • Team-level Agile scaling patterns

  • Organizational-level Agile scaling patterns

  • Overview of how these scaling patterns are applied in the main Agile scaling frameworks

  • Principles behind Agile organization design

  • Hands-on workshop to design an agile operating model

  • Understanding organizational cultures and their relationship to agility

  • Main transformation approaches, including their strengths and weaknesses

  • Case studies

Valuable takeaways for sustainable change

At the end of our "Agile Organizations Training", you can expect to take home a better understanding of Agile scaling patterns and transformation approaches, as well as case studies and tools to help you continue  to drive change in your organization. Specifically, you will find guidance for important topics such as:

  • Principles of Agile organizational design 

  • Scaling toolkit to help your organization visualize and reduce organizational  complexity

  • Agile Organizations workbook containing techniques and pragmatic recommendations

  • Case-studies covering different challenges (team-level, org-level, non-software, …)

Learning objectives

  • Align multiple Scrum/Agile teams in an efficient and effective way

  • Understand the different building blocks for Agile organizations

  • Recognize the cost of organizational complexity and identify opportunities to minimize them in your organizational design

  • Visualize operating model and recognize opportunities for improving the flow of value

  • Create environments that foster agility by respecting Agile organizational design principles

  • Use an inside-out approach to organizational change (from culture to processes)

  • Recognize the different Agile organization design options available given a specific context, as well as their respective strengths & weaknesses

Not a cookbook, but rather thinking tools

One of the underlying assumptions behind this training is that there is never only one way to do Agile. We give you patterns, principles, and tools so you can better visualize and understand the impact of changes to your organization, and whether you are creating an organizational model that  truly enables business agility. All this is guided by an experienced Agile coach and trainer with hands-on experience in leading Agile transformations.


About the trainer

Tiago Garcez is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Agile, Scrum, and Change Management. He has worked for over 15 years supporting organizations in their transformation initiatives towards an Agile culture and way of working: innovation, adaptability, operational excellence, and respect for people.

Tiago is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), and spends most of his time coaching and mentoring leaders and practitioners. He has led Agile transformations in the largest retail bank in Belgium, one of the largest FMCG companies in the world, and is a Partner at Agilar.



How is this training brought to you?

You will be immersed in a highly participative virtual environment, featuring breakout room discussions, digital co-creation exercises, and live visual lectures. All facilitated in real-time by our experts using the best digital training tools that exist today - and some classics too. Prepare to be surprised at how engaging an online, distance learning experience can be.

Practical details

  • 15 hours spread throughout 3 days

  • English

  • Live Online

  • €1,800 regular price → €1,200 early bird