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Providing high quality Scrum training since 2008, Agilar is one of the oldest and most respected certified Agile training providers in Europe and the Americas.

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Certified ScrumMaster®

Become a certified ScrumMaster®! Learn the essentials of Scrum: values and principles, roles and practices, and how to run a Scrum team.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Expand your knowledge of Agile and Scrum product development and product management. Learn dozens of tecniques for increasing customer centricity and decreasing time to market and ROI.

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Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Designed for professionals with foundational Scrum Product Ownership knowledge, this hands-on training propels you into the next level of Product Ownership

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Advanced Certified Scrum Master®

Demonstrate you have experience and expertise beyond the basics. Start your next step in your agile journey with an Agilar Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) certification.

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KSD Kanban System Design (KMP I)

Discover the keys to the Kanban method. Improve flow management by limiting work in progress and learn how to design your own Kanban system to reduce waste and increase productivity.

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Organization Topologies

Learn how to design and evolve your organization to be more effective and responsive to change.

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Agile Scaling Foundations

Learn how to go beyond Agile Scaling frameworks such as SAFe, Spotify and Scrum@Scale by understanding the patterns and principles behind them. Start owning your Agile transformation!

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Scrum Foundations

Learn the principles of Scrum, including the ideas, language and elements of the framework: an excellent first step to get started in the Agility.

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TKP - Team Kanban Practiticioner

Learn the principles and practices of the Method and how to develop your Kanban competence with this Team Kanban Practitioner course.

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KSI Kanban System Improvement (KMP II)

Learn the skills needed to manage, optimise, scale and evolve a Kanban system across the organisation.

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Visual Facilitation

Learn to draw like a pro. Make your meetings more effective with visual facilitation techniques.

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