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Certified Agile Scaling (CAS-S1)

Designed for change leads, Agile coaches, and leaders who are interested in understanding how to successfully scale Agile in their organizations. The CAS-S1 (Certified Agile Skills - Scaling 1) course is a hands-on training and workshop where we focus on what is business agility and scaling, what are the key scaling patterns you should know, and how to lead change in your organization with agility. Case-based and guaranteed to help you navigate the challenges of scaling agility in your organization.

Why choose Agilar?

Experience-based learning

Designed by experienced trainers, the program uses a hands-on approach to introduce core concepts and give participants a chance to practice them. Full of insights, advices, case studies, and practical tools, it will help you understand how to successfully scale Agile throughout your organization.

World-class practicing experts

Our Certified Scrum Trainers® are world experts in agility and have been leading change in large organizations themselves

Actionable takeaways

Our Certified Agile Scaling training will give you a deeper understanding of core concepts and practices such as systems thinking, de-scaling, scaling patterns, change strategies, and change anti-patterns. It will also add new perspectives regarding Agile organizational design and operating models. You will walk away with concrete practices and tools that you can start using tomorrow to start changing your organization.

Agilar is one of the world's premier Agile training providers


Certified students over 15+ years

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The average feedback score of our trainers

1,000+ hours

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We are trusted by industry leaders worldwide

"Joke is an amazing instructor. The course material was well laid out and as the Agile Coach, it was great to see the a-ha moments with our POs. The lightbulbs kept lighting up as we dove deeper into the material and the hands-on skills sections. This product is very beneficial and I highly recommend this course."


Zurich NA

AVP, Agile Coach – CDO

Why obtain the "Certified Agile Skills -Scaling 1" (CAS-S1) certification?

Lead change

Your organization has been experimenting with Agile is trying to scale it across multiple teams or departments? You are unsure what the next step is in your organization's journey towards agility? The CAS-S1 certification signals you have an understanding of the fundamentals of how to lead change towards increased organizational agility.

Boost your Career

The Scrum Alliance certification is the world's most widely recognized credential because of its high standards. That recognition, combined with the skills and knowledge you acquire in the training, will open doors to career advancement

Networking and community

Our certified training provides networking opportunities with other experienced change leaders & coaches, and enables you to retain / regain access to a large community of peers worldwide - the Scrum Alliance community of practice of more than 2M practitioners.

Our trainers

Tiago Garcez

Tiago Garcez

Agilar Managing Partner


  • Agilar founding partner
  • 15+ years of experience working with Agile teams and leadership
  • Focus areas: Agile scaling & organizational design, learning programs, innovation & design thinking
  • Highlight cases: BNP Paribas, AB InBev, Kraft Heinz
  • Internationally recognized subject matter expert, conference speaker
  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French

Change Lead experience: guided agile scaling initiatives at BNP Paribas, bpost, Proximus, ABInBev, and Kraft Heinz.

Tiago is one of the first trainers worldwide to be certified by the Scrum Alliance to teach the CAS-S1 content.


Will I receive a certification?

Yes, upon successful course completion you'll earn the globally recognized Certified Agile Skills - Scaling 1 (CAS-S1) certification from the Scrum Alliance, along with a two-year membership - retaining / regaining your access to one of the largest community of agilists in the world!

Who is this for?

The Certified Agile Scaling training is targeted towards people leading Agile change in their organizations - managers, executives, coaches - who are looking for a tailored approach to their scaling challenge. They are looking to understand what agility really means for their organization, and how to focus not on scaling frameworks, but rather the scaling patterns they need for their specific context and goals. At the end of the training, you will have acquired the necessary knowledge and tools to start (re-)designing and changing your organization with agility in mind.

What will I learn?

In this course you will learn why framework-led changes deliver unsatisfactory results and how you can avoid that by using pattern-led changes. You will learn about the importance of de-scaling complexity, change patterns, scaling patterns, and how to combine them to lead change in your specific context.

We will cover the key patterns of popular scaling frameworks such as LeSS, SAFe, and Scrum @ Scale, and go through case studies to see how organizations select different patterns from these frameworks to fit their specific challenges. This requires not only understanding the different patterns, but also how to lead change so that they actually improve the situation.

You can check out the detailed learning objectives here: CAS-S1 Learning Objectives.

What is the training format?

Our Certified Agile Scaling training is a highly engaging session, combining interactive lectures, case studies, hands-on exercises, and group discussions. The purpose is to ensure participants have the opportunity to maximize their learning experience by using case studies and exercises to put into the practice the concepts they are learning. Also, the strong focus on group exercises in the training ensures participants have a chance to hear about other people's experiences and ideas, while also having some time to work through their specific situation.

It is available in two formats:

1. Live classroom (2 full days)

2. Live online (3 days, 5,5 hours)

Regardless of the format, participants are consistently surprised by the hands-on nature of the training and how it helps their learning experience.

Will my CAS-S1 certification renew all my inactive certifications with the Scrum Alliance?

Earning the CAS-S1 certification will extend/renew all other certifications available, whether they are active or inactive. The new “Active through date” of the CAS-S1 will apply to all other certifications. No additional payment or SEUs will be required for that renewal cycle.

Here's What Our Clients Say

Testimomnial person

Keith Vorderbruggen

AVP, Agile Coach – CDO, Zurich NA

"Joke is an amazing instructor. The course material was well laid out and as the Agile Coach, it was great to see the a-ha moments with our POs. The lightbulbs kept lighting up as we dove deeper into the material and the hands-on skills sections. This product is very beneficial and I highly recommend this course"

Testimomnial person

Nabeel Kassim

Global Lead - Inventory, Synchronization & Supply chain Losses, Kraft Heinz

"The Product Owner training was quite insightful and has been valuable in transforming the ways of working within our team. One crucial takeaway from the course was on building the MVP in incremental stages, while keeping the customer needs as the sole compass to guide its development. I highly recommend this course for product owners as well as process improvement professionals."

Testimomnial person

Eric McIntire

Director of Yield US Operations, Kraft Heinz

"I attended Agilar’s Online Product Owner Certification Training session, and I found the instructor and course material extremely helpful in my journey to learn more about the Agile/Scrum process. The course materials were well balanced between presentation of materials and interaction with others in the session. We were able to move at a very good pace through the material with plenty of time to ask questions for clarity. As someone new to the Agile/Scrum process, I found the course material and the capability of the instructor to be very helpful for me to expand my understanding of this topic. I highly recommend this course to others who are in the early stages of their Agile/Scrum journey."

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