Team Kanban Practitioner

Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) is an official two-day certified training designed by the Lean Kanban University to lay the foundations of the Kanban Method.

During this interactive training you will learn what the Kanban Method is, the principles and practices of the Kanban Method and how you can develop your skills using Kanban, as well as the basics of visualising different types of work and the associated risk management.

This training is oriented to all people who want to discover a new path to agility, no previous knowledge is required to attend this course.


By the end of the training, you will understand:

  • The principles and practices that make up the Kanban method.
  • Design and implement a basic Kanban board *Visualise different types of work
  • Experience the benefits of a pull system and work-in-progress management
  • You will learn the basic feedback loops of Kanban (Team Review, Replenishment, Kanban Meeting)

The training content covers, through intensive exercises in small groups, games, slides and discussion, the following topics:

  • Explaining the basic concepts, motivation and benefits of the Kanban method: Knowing what Kanban is, what it is used for and what are its Principles and Practices that compose it and knowing what benefits it brings us at work team level.
  • Visualize your work: you will learn how to visualize your work as well as how to create and classify tickets that represent your daily work.
  • Work in progress management: you will understand how to manage your workflow by limiting the work in progress.
  • Feedback Loops: you will get to know and experience the main feedback points that Kanban proposes (Team Review, Replenishment, Kanban  M eeting).

There is still more!

In this training we will visualize some examples of boards that are currently in use by other teams.


  • Graphic facilitation
  • Learning-by-doing
  • Current and real-life case studies
  • Group simulations
  • Iterative and incremental learning
  • Exchange of experiences with peers
  • Networking

What's included

  • The official Lean Kanban University course certificate.
  • Access to the Lean Kanban University and the right to be listed as a member of LKU for professional purposes.
  • An electronic copy of the Kanban Blue Book by David J. Anderson or the Kanban from the Inside book by Mike Burrows in PDF format. Both are considered to be the reference books on Kanban.
  • Contents used and generated in the training in digital format


The training will be held in an online format.
We recommend a good internet connection, camera and microphone for the course to run smoothly.


The training is entirely in Spanish.


For price enquiries:

Spain: write to us at Our courses can benefit from the Tripartita Foundation, and in case of unemployment, we also offer a special price (only applicable in Spain).

Latam: contact us at Our courses can benefit from the Sepyme Tax Credit Programme (only applicable in Argentina).