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Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner


Designed for professionals with foundational Scrum Product Ownership knowledge and CSPO certification, this hands-on training moves you into the next stage of your Product Owner journey. Gain deeper insights into product strategy, stakeholder management, and product backlog management techniques.

Why choose Agilar?

Experience-based learning

Designed by experienced trainers, the program uses a hands-on approach to introduce core concepts and give participants a chance to practice them. Full of insights, advices, and practical tools, it is the easiest way to take your product ownership skills and knowledge to the next level.

World-class practicing experts

Our Certified Scrum Trainers (R) are world experts in agility and practicing Product Owners themselves

Actionable takeaways

Our A-CSPO will give you a deeper understanding of core concepts and practices such as prioritization, stakeholder management, and understanding users. It will also add new perspectives regarding validating product hypothesis and scaling product ownership. You will walk away with concrete practices and tools that you can start using tomorrow to improve your product organization.

Agilar is one of the world's premier Agile training providers


Certified students over 15+ years

>9 out of 10

The average feedback score of our trainers

1,000+ hours

Invested in curating our program content

We are trusted by industry leaders worldwide

"I attended The CSPO course without any prior experience in the field. The training provided me with a comprehensive grasp of the role and numerous valuable tips for becoming an effective product owner. The course incorporated various drills and activities making the learning experience practical rather than purely theoretical"

Nupur Jhankar picture

Nupur Jhankar

Senior Data Scientist, Devoteam NV SA

"Our trainer Joke's expertise was a beacon, keeping us motivated and engaged during two days of intensive training. I highly recommend Agilar’s training; their expertise ensures a seamless journey into Scrum mastery. On a personal note, as a hot air balloon enthusiast, I discovered intriguing parallels between the precision of a Product Owner’s role and the finesse of piloting a balloon. Both demand meticulous planning, adaptability, and a clear path to success. Wish you all success with your Agile and Scrum journeys!"

Andy Ovcharuk profile picture

Andy Ovcharuk

Project manager

Why become an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner?

Lead product teams

You have mastered the fundamentals of Agile product management and now it's time to start leading product teams. This training will go deeper into topics such as product discovery & strategy, stakeholder management, prioritizing for value as an organization (multiple teams), and validating product hypothesis.

Boost your Career

The Scrum Alliance certification is the world's most widely recognized credential because of its high standards. That recognition, combined with the skills and knowledge you acquire in the training, will open doors to career advancement

Networking and community

Our certified training provides networking opportunities with other experienced product managers and enables you to retain / regain access to a large community of product management peers worldwide - the Scrum Alliance community of practice of more than 2M practitioners.

Our trainers

Xavier Quesada Allué

Xavier Quesada Allué

Agilar Founder and Managing Partner


  • Agilar founding partner
  • 20+ years of experience working with Agile teams and leadership
  • Certified Scrum Trainer since 2010
  • Certified BOR Train the Trainer since 2013
  • Senior member of Scrum Alliance Trainer Approval Community
  • Former president of Agile Spain
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Product Owner experience: Working as a product owner within Agilar, he also actively coaches senior product managers at leading global companies.
Tiago Garcez

Tiago Garcez

Agilar Managing Partner


  • Agilar founding partner
  • 20+ years of experience working with Agile teams and leadership
  • Focus areas: Agile organizational design, learning programs, innovation & design thinking
  • Highlight cases: BNP Paribas, AB InBev, Vueling
  • Internationally recognized subject matter expert, conference speaker
  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French
  • Product Owner experience: Working as a Product Owner within Agilar, he also actively coaches senior product managers at leading global companies
Richard Cheng

Richard Cheng


  • Former Agile Lead at Excella and Chief Product Owner at NextUp Solutions.
  • Virginia Tech alumnus, member of Mensa, author of multiple project management papers.
  • Keynote speaker and former member of the Scrum Alliance TAC.
  • Holds multiple certifications including CST, AKT, CSM, CSPO, CSP, PMP, PMI-ACP, and SPC.
  • Certified in Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe methodologies.
  • Founder and executive committee member of ADAPT, an Agile US government task force.
Joke Vandemaele

Joke Vandemaele

Agilar Agile Practice Lead


  • Agilar Leadership Team
  • 15+ years of experience working with Agile teams and leadership
  • Focus areas: product ownership, Agile coaching, personal agility, visual facilitation
  • Highlight cases: BNP Paribas, bpost, Unilin
  • Internationally recognized subject matter expert, conference speaker
  • Languages: English, Dutch
  • Product Owner experience: Has worked (and excelled) as a Product Owner within large organizations and has been coaching product owners at all levels of leading global companies over the past 10+ years.


Will I receive a certification?

Upon successful course completion, you'll earn the globally recognized Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) certification from the Scrum Alliance, along with a two-year paid membership - giving you access to one of the largest community of agilists in the world. Qualifying criteria: To be certified as A-CSPO you need to have a Scrum Alliance CSPO certification (active or inactive) and 12 months of experience working as a Scrum Product Owner in the past five years or up to two years after finishing the course.

Who is this for?

The A-CSPO is targeted towards people who have foundational knowledge on agile product ownership and have worked as a Product Owner (or product manager) in the past. This means there is an assumption that knowledge or skills discussed in a foundational course (e.g. CSPO) are already present. This course can also be useful for leaders or very experienced coaches looking to broaden their knowledge on Agile product management.

What will I learn?

In this course you will dive deeper into topics such as product backlog priorization, scaling product ownership, product strategy, validating product hypothesis, and understanding users/customers.
You can check out the detailed learning objectives for the A-CSPO here.

What is the training format?

Our Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner training is a highly engaging session, combining interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, and group discussions. The purpose is to ensure participants have the opportunity to maximize their learning experience by using case studies and exercises to put into the practice the concepts they are learning. Also, the strong focus on group exercises in the training ensures participants have a chance to hear about other people's experiences and ideas.

This will be a Live online training held during 3 days (5,5 hours each day).

Do I need to be a Certified Scrum Product Owner to join?

If you don’t have the CSPO certification from the Scrum Alliance, you are still welcome to join the training but you won’t be able to receive the A-CSPO certification. Keep in mind that the training assumes foundational knowledge on agile product ownership - if you lack this knowledge, you will likely struggle to keep up with the group. You can always refer to the CSPO learning objectives here to see if you feel comfortable with the expected foundational knowledge. In case of any doubts, best is to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Will my A-CSPO certification renew all my inactive certifications with the Scrum Alliance?

Earning the A-CSPO certification will extend/renew all other certifications available, whether they are active or inactive. The new “Active through date” of the A-CSPO will apply to all other certifications. No additional payment or SEUs will be required for that renewal cycle.

How do I add my 12 months of work experience as a Product Owner?

These are the steps that you need to follow to add work experience to your profile, please pay special attention to step 5:

1. Log in to your Dashboard
2. Select Profile from the navigation bar on the left
3. Scroll down to the Experience section and select +Add work history
4. Complete the required fields in the Work Experience section
5. Complete the required fields in the Experience in a specific Scrum accountability section
6. Confirm that the information you entered is accurate and true by selecting the checkbox
7. Select Submit to save and validate your information

If the system fails to validate the work experience after it is entered, please verify how dates were entered.

Here's What Our Clients Say

Testimomnial person

CEO IT Consulting Co., 500+ employees

"I sent my whole senior management team incl. myself to Agilar's Agile Leadership workshop. Both days of the training were so insightful and engaging that none of us checked our phones for notifications. I wish we could apply the same level of energy and focus to our regular work. Now, all of us have a much clearer picture what is required from us as leaders to facilitate a successful agile transformation."

Testimomnial person

Participants to training

"Just try it and it will convince you..."

Testimomnial person

Participants to training

"Even more effective and entertaining training than face-to-face training, above thanks to Agilar trainers like who manage to maintain energy throughout the course."

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