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(Certified) Scrum Product Owner in English


Expand your team's knowledge of Agile/Scrum product development and their project management skills by providing them with tailored Scrum Product Owner Training based on where your company is on its Agile journey.

Our training can be adjusted to address the Scrum Product Owner learning objectives in combination with your company needs - adapting content and using internal case studies for exercises and discussions.


  • Active Product Owners or future Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters coaching Product Owners
  • Members (or future members) of a Scrum Team
  • For leaders in agile transformations

To get the most out of this training, experience in Scrum and Agile is recommended beforehand (CSM or equivalent).


The purpose is to discover how to create an environment of collaboration and innovation among customers, Stakeholders and team members to be able to deliver amazing products.



Standard content

Agile and Scrum

  • Empirical vs. Predictive approach
  • The PO and the Scrum Framework

The Product Owner

  • Roles and responsibilities, challenges, collaboration with the ScrumMaster, relation with other legacy roles.
  • Anatomy of the Product Owner
  • Product Owner in the Scrum Events
  • Product Owner in the organization: product, project, proxy Product Owner

Product Backlog

  • Refinement, Vision, and Objectives
  • Creation and management of Product Backlog Strategy and roadmap (user story mapping, go product roadmap), working with MPVs, Lean Startup, strategies to maximize the return of investment (ROI), and release planning
  • Writing and splitting user stories, writing acceptance criteria
  • Prioritization techniques

Planning and Delivery

  • Estimation
  • Agile planning
  • Definition of Done
  • Important vs. Urgent work
  • Tailor your own In-house training:

Tailor your own In-house training