Count 33: learn iterative working

Count 33: learn iterative working

Searching for a team-building activity? Count 33 is the perfect agile game to illustrate how to work as a team by understanding the agile production process.

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Learning Objective

Agile production process

Welcome to Count 33! Whether you are looking to break the ice in a new team, reinforce existing bonds, or simply bring a sense of unity and fun to your group, "Count 33" is the perfect game. It promises not just an enjoyable experience but also valuable insights into working effectively and harmoniously together.


You’ll need to group, typically with at least 5-10 people. Choose a space where everyone can comfortably sit or stand in a circle (if in person), ensuring everyone can see and hear each other. You’ll need a timer to keep track of how long it takes the team to reach 33 each round.


The goal is to, as one team, count sequentially from one to thirty-three respecting the following rules:

  • There is no set order in which participants must speak.
  • Each participant says only one number at a time.
  • Participants cannot signal or indicate in any way who should speak next.
  • If two or more people say a number simultaneously, the count resets to zero.
  • A participant cannot say two numbers in a row.

Game facilitation

  1. Get the team and provide the goals and instructions.
  2. Start the game. Any participant begins by saying "one." 
  3. Continue the game. The next person says "two," and this continues, with each person saying the next number in the sequence.
  4. Reset the count if there’s a mistake (like two people speaking at once), the count starts over at one.
  5. Once you end the first round, you ask the team what they can do to improve.
  6. The game ends successfully when the group reaches the count of 33 without any interruptions.

Let's play! Download the instructions now

Key learnings

  • Count 33 illustrates concepts like flow, collaboration, and self-management.
  • It highlights the importance of learning by doing.
  • Participants learn the value of patience, strategic thinking, and non-communication skills, as rushing can lead to mistakes.

Count 33 is perfect to illustrate how to work as a team. By understanding the agile production process, the team can appreciate the importance of self-organization, flow, and iterative working.

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