Impactful learning experiences require more than just theory & tools

Why Agilar is a reference in the Agile learning industry

Methodology & Quality

We continously invest in learning and adopting the most modern principles and practices in the professional education industry, such as student-led learning, interactive online training, Bloom's taxonomy backed learning objectives and the Training from the Back of the Room® methodology .

  • Engaging, practical and inspiring

  • 800+ trainings

  • 100.000+ hours

  • 10.000+ trained people

  • Avg NPS > 65 (Excellent)

  • Trainer average rating: 4,78/5

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Knowledge & Experience

Founded by 2 worldwide recognized Agile practice experts and with 15 years of training experience, Agilar is at the forefront of the Agile movement, continuously innovating with breakthrough ideas in the field.

  • 50+ years of experience combined

  • World recognised Agile experts

  • 4 in-house Certified Scrum Trainers

  • Proprietary training content & tools

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Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider (REP)

Agilar is a proud long-time member of the Scrum Alliance when it comes to certification because:

  • When we started delivering certified agile training the other certification bodies didn't even exis. We organized our first certification trainings in 2009 when Ken Schwaber was still in the Scrum Alliance and SAFe, IC Agile and LKU (to name a few) had not been created.

  • Scrum Alliance was the first and is still the most credible certification organization in the Agile industry. It is the only non-profit certification body and still has the highest percentage of recognized authors and thought leaders.

  • Scrum Alliance has the most rigorous process for accrediting trainers of any body (the TAC process which - we helped design and run)

  • Certified trainers, Leveled quality

  • While our certification program is aligned with Scrum Alliance, our programs has also helped people prepare for the certification test via

  • While our core loyalty lies with the Scrum Alliance, we also deliver selected offerings from LKU and IC Agile and are open to most other certification bodies.

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