Visual Facilitation Training

Make your meetings more effective with Visual Facilitation Techniques!

Do you ever feel that you could get so much more done if you didn't have to spend hours explaining difficult concepts and themes to your co-workers?

Visual techniques can help your team to better understand often complicated, abstract information in a very short space of time. Through real-time drawing, people manage to synthesise themes, metaphors, and abstract ideas much more quickly than through verbal explanation alone. And it’s not only the people on the receiving end, you yourself, the information you bring, will benefit from backing your story up with an image worth so much more than a 1000 words!



By using carefully organised images, you can facilitate discussions and turn big ideas into clear, communicable actions. Using these techniques you will not only enhance the outcomes of your meetings and events, you will make the whole process more enjoyable!

Learn visualisation techniques and gain not only an understanding of their effective application for facilitation, but also to train, record, present or just take notes for yourself. 

You’ll experience the power of it all at first hand! Joke Vandemaele, Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer, will naturally facilitate the course through the use of Visualization techniques. The Agile community has recognized her work visualizing conversations and decision making during collaborative Refinement workshops. You'll experience the power of it all at first hand!

We will:

  • unravel the secrets of the four types of visual ingredients: process cycles and maps, figures, symbols and text containers. 

  • learn how to support the visuals by applying color and shadow

  • see how to easily optimize your handwriting

  • learn how to explain Scrum in 15 minutes with the use of the above techniques 

  • organise a retrospective and its flipcharts.


For who: 

Note that we will be drawing the Scrum Framework and also focus on Poster design for organising a Sprint Retrospective. Know that Visual Facilitation techniques are popular in the world of Agile and Scrum. That said, anybody facilitating or partaking in meetings can benefit from having this skill. 

What participants say about our Visual Facilitation Training:

“I wouldn’t change anything about the class. It starts off chaotic in a good way and ends with mind blowing knowledge”

“The inclusion of different types of posters that can be used immediately by attendees such as agendas, outlines, etc.”

“This is an awesome class, it widened my horizon in a different perspective”

“The facilitator is good at what she does and made it easily understandable”



As this is a very hands-on training session we will use a lot of materials like paper and markers. If you attend a classroom training, you don’t need to think of anything yourself, the trainer brings everything,

For a live online course you will need to have at the ready:

  • a flat surface to work on (in front of your PC and camera)

  • at least 10 sheets of white A4 paper, blank on one side

  • a black marker (round nibbed)

  • several colored markers (preferably flat nibbed)

  • a grey marker (preferably flat nibbed)

  • if possible, colored wax/ crayons or chalk



from 9:00 to 17:00 with a 1 hour break.