XP 2024

XP 2024

June 04-07, 2024

Bolzano, Italy


From €200

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Check out the XP 2024! Here are the main things you need to know:

Main topic

It revolves around their journey through the last 25 years and their vision for the future. It used to only focus on programming, but now they’ve expanded to all modern Agile approaches and Agility’s developing aspects.


It’s brought to you by Agile Alliance, a global nonprofit membership organization dedicated to people and organizations that apply the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto.


It aims to connect with Agile researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, coaches, and trainers.

Event dynamics

  • Research Workshops: A forum for small group discussions to present and discuss results of scientific research and practice, and to explore innovative and cutting-edge topics.
  • Experience Reports: Authors share their first-hand experience of challenges faced, approaches taken, and observations and insights gained in practicing Agile and Lean software development.
  • Papers Presentations: Observations, hard-fought wisdom, and practical advice about Agile and Lean.
  • Interactive Track: A guided and interactive track aimed at bringing participants together, facilitating networking and shared learning, and making room for everyone to be fully engaged.
  • Industry and Practice: Demonstrations and presentations based on the speaker’s experience and practice working in the industry. The theme for these sessions reflects that of the conference: “Whole Team Sustainability” with main topic around Leadership and Culture, Engineering, Product and Design, Process Innovation, Agile in Education and Training, and Sustainability.

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