Agilar Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of public training events?

The cost of each event is detailed in the event's registration page.

What payment methods do you accept for public training events?

Currently, we accept payment only vía SEPA bank transfer or PayPal (with a surcharge of 50€) after your registration has been confirmed and we have issued you an invoice. In the near future, we plan to offer online payment.

Can public training courses be subsidized?

If you are an SME in the Vlaanderen region, you can apply for subsidies for our trainings through the KMO-Portefeuille via this link

Do you offer discounts?

If you register at least one month before the start of the training, you will we offered the early bird price (-10%).


How do I register multiple people to a training event?

The registration form for "company" registration types supports registering multiple users. Please make sure you select "Company" as registration type in the radio buttons at the top of the form.

Can I move my registration from one event to another?

To reschedule your training registration, please contact customer service via email or filling our contact form.


What is the process to get certified as a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master® or Certified Scrum Product Owner®?

In order to be certified as a Certified Scrum Master® or Certified Scrum Product Owner®, you need to take one of our official CSM/CSPO training courses. For becoming a CSM you also need to pass an online exam by the Scrum Alliance. The exam cannot be taken without taking the course first.

How can I download my certificate?

There is a link to download your digital certificate in your Scrum Alliance dashboard.

How can I add my certification on Linkedin?

There are two ways to add your badge to your LinkedIn profile:

Option 1:

Check if the email you received for your badge has the "Add to profile" linkedIn button. If so, click the "Add to profile" button in the email you received.

Option 2:

Visit Sign in with your credentials.

Click the badge -> Click the "Share" button -> Click the "Add to profile" button.

You will then be redirected to a BadgeCert help page, which will provide you with details on how your badge will appear on your LinkedIn profile. Click the "Begin" button on the left side of the help page.

If you have signed in to LinkedIn, you will be asked (by LinkedIn) to authorize the addition of your badge to your account. If you are not connected, a pop-up window (from LinkedIn) will ask you to do so. Once logged in, you will be asked to authorize the addition of your badge to your account.

Use the data that appears on the help page to add your badge to your LinkedIn profile. You can copy the details by clicking on the copy icon next to each data field on the help page. When "You save", your badge will be added to the LinkedIn Certifications section. Keep in mind that you will see the logo of the broadcasting organization and a link to your badge. LinkedIn does not display the image of your badge until the link is clicked.

Please disable popup blocker when you try to share badges on social networks. Visit for more information.