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Agile Business Leadership


Do you want to lead your business from a new paradigm of transformation, and understand the true scope of Business Agility as a possible accelerator for effective differentiation from the competitors?

With the Agile Business Leadership programme you will be able to understand and master the new attitudinal and aptitudinal capabilities for effective leadership in complex and uncertain environments, as well as re-discover yourself to implement strategic and operational initiatives of high differential value.

During the programme we will work on theoretical contents as well as on the participant's own business case, to design and lead an Agile transformation capable of re-powering the Marketing Mix Proposal and the Culture in Action in the new reality.

This 30-hour programme aims to contribute to the conceptual and practical understanding of Agility as a cultural and business value, and the understanding of the functional scope of the Agile practices available today. It will reflect on the impact of remote collaboration and work on the awareness of the transformational business and leadership power of Agile on the business strategy, operational and organizational model.

In this training you will learn:

  • The integral scopes of Business Agility and its effective leadership in the new scenario of business and organizations.
  • The differences between Agile Leadership and traditional leadership.
  • The state of the art of Agile practices and their real and possible adoption.
  • The concrete opportunities and possibilities on the business and organizational agenda.
  • How to put this new opportunity for Value Leadership into practice.
  • The transformational challenges for the leader, the teams and the whole organization.
  • Awareness of effective Agile governance and self-managed teams.
  • Impacts and intersections of value between the agenda developed during the course and the Future at Work.

What's included

Apart from one of the best trainings in the industry, the participant will develop their own case (prototyping) and will also receive the contents used and generated in the course in digital format.


The training is entirely in Spanish.


Néstor Sibaja and Xavier Quesada Allué


Live Online - you can participate from anywhere in the world!
A good internet connection, camera and microphone are required for the course to run smoothly.

*We are registered as a Training Unit -UCAP- for the Tax Credit Programme provided by the SePyme, and our courses can be channelled through the tax credit scheme for training (only applicable in Argentina).

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