Full Stack Software Developer


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Flexible hours, work from home

We are looking for a Software Developer to join our team in Buenos Aires.

To apply, send your CV to info+job210922@agilar.com

Why work at Agilar

  • Technical challenges and new technologies - no matter what you are interested in, we will have something for you.
  • High degree of autonomy within a context of strong teamwork and learning by doing.
  • Small company, big impact. We are changing the world of work for the better and helping build sustainable organizations.
  • World class working environment and culture. Inclusive, fun, motivating. We care deeply for our people.
  • European lifestyle - short working hours, lots of holidays, good work life balance.
  • The best training and mentoring in the world.
  • Competitive salary, top hardware.

Your responsibilities

Join the software development team and become a happy, productive and motivated full stack developer with devops. We are open in our expectations - the most important being that you are willing to learn, fit well within the company and become a strong contributor to our products and our team.

If you are less experienced, you will receive more mentoring and training. If you are more experienced, you will receive more autonomy and trust in order to take the lead in whatever initiatives are our priority.

Some of the products you will have to build, enhance or maintain:

  • E-learning platform - used by students worldwide to learn at their own pace with a customized learning path.
  • Maturity Assessment platform - used by agilistas worldwide to assess their level of agile maturity and define improvements.
  • Our website and training registration management system, used to publish our live training and register attendees.
  • Taskboard, a proof of concept tool providing a unique user experience for distributed Scrum teams.
  • Integrating our systems with our open source ERP

Our software stack

Our current and planned software products use a mix of modern technologies:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React with Vercel and Prismic CMS
  • Python
  • Bubble.io
  • Native iOS and Android apps